This page collects books published and voluntarily proposed by IAERE members.

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de Cillis M. (2018)
Economia e Politica ambientale tra E-Business e Biopolitica
Tangram Edizioni Scientifiche, ISBN: 978-88-6458-182-8


Carraro C., Mazzai A. (eds) (2017)
The Impacts of Climate Change in Italy: Photos from the Present to Understand the Future
Edizioni Ca' Foscari, ISBN: 978-88-6969-192-8
La Notte A., Vallecillo R. S., Polce C., Zulian G. and Maes J. (2017)
Implementing an EU system of accounting for ecosystems and their services
JRC Science Hub, Publications Office of the European Union, ISBN: 978-92-79-70517-5
Ninan K.N., Inoue Makoto (eds) (2017)
Building a Climate Resilient Economy and Society-Challenges and Opportunities
Edward Elgar Publishing, ISBN: 978 1 78536 844 8 
Spinozzi P., Mazzanti M. (2017)
Cultures of Sustainability and Wellbeing: Theories, Histories and Policies
Routledge, ISBN: 978-1-138-23454-3


Borghesi S., Montini M., Barreca A. (2016)
The EU ETS and its followers: Comparative Analysis and Linking Perspectives
Springer, ISBN: 978-3-319-31186-9 and 978-3-319-31185-2
de Cillis M. (2016)

Diritto, economia e bioetica ambientale nel rapporto con le generazioni future

Tangram Edizioni Scientifiche, ISBN: 978-8-864-58157-6


Bardazzi R., Pazienza M.G., Tonini A. (2015)
European Energy and Climate Security. Public Policies, Energy Sources, and Eastern Partners
Springer, ISBN: 978-3-319-21301-9
Barrett S., Carraro C., de Melo J. (2015)
Towards a Workable and Effective Climate Regime
CEPR and FERDI e-book, ISBN: 978-1-907142-95-6
Carraro C., Mazzai A. (2015)
Il clima che cambia. Non solo un problema ambientale
Il Mulino, ISBN 978-88-15-26108-3
ENEA and FEEM (2015)
Deep Decarbonization Pathways Project
OECD (ed) (2015)
The Economic Consequences of Climate Change
OECD, ISBN 9789264235410 (PDF), 9789264235403 (print)


Castellucci L. (ed) (2014)
Government and the Environment: The Role of the Modern State in the Face of Global Challenges
Routledge, Explorations in Environmental Economics, ISBN: 978-0-415-63354-3