The Association's elections are held every other year, as per the Association's statutes.

IAERE Elections 2021
Call for nominations for President and Council Members

Deadline: 30 November 2020

IAERE invites its members to send nominations for the 2021 Elections for President and Council Members.

Members will be asked to vote for:

  1. A President, who will join the Council as President-Elect in 2022-2023, serve as President in 2024-2025, and act as Past-President in 2026-2027, at the end of the presidential term.
  2. Two new ordinary members of the Council, who will join the council for four years from 2022.

The nominations will be evaluated by the Nominating Committee, composed by Silvana Dalmazzone, Massimiliano Mazzanti and Ignazio Musu. According to the IAERE statutes, the Committee is responsible for presenting to the membership the set of candidates that will take part in the elections. Moreover, any group of at least one fourth of the members may nominate candidates who are then added to the proposals of the Nominating Committee.
Nominations should be sent to the IAERE Secretariat at iaere@iaere.org by the 30th of November 2020. We strongly suggest supporting candidatures with a motivation. Please clearly indicate the position you would like to nominate your candidate for (see points a and b above).
The names of the two candidates for President and the four candidates for Council Members will be posted in the IAERE website and circulated through the membersí mailing list.
The Nominating Committee
Silvana Dalmazzone
Massimiliano Mazzanti
Ignazio Musu