Fifth IAERE Annual Conference
16-17 February 2017, Rome

Social Programme


February 16th, Thursday.

The Conference Dinner will take place in the centre of Frascati, at the Cacciani Restaurant Traditional dishes with a flavour of new creative cuisine will be served. This will be enriched with Castelli Romani wines, a visit to an ancient wine-cellar and a lively show-cooking course.

Castelli romani Conference participants who are willing to take part to the Conference dinner have to select this option during registration; availability is limited, so that early booking for the dinner is strongly advised.

At around 19.00 of the first day of the Conference, all participants who have registered for the Conference dinner will be taken by bus from the Conference Venue to the restaurant.

At the end of the dinner (at around 23.00), buses will take participants to two pre-determined stops:
1. Close to the Conference Venue, namely at the Campus X accommodation, and
2. Piazza della Repubblica/Via Cavour (in the centre of Rome).

Participants who are willing to participate to the dinner are therefore advised to book a hotel not far from there (see also the suggested hotels).

Visit to the University Botanical Garden and to the EAERE CO2 garden
February 17th, 14.45 - 16.30


The Social event on the 17th of February 2017 will take place at the Tor Vergata Botanical Garden.


At the end of the Scientific Programme buses will take the interested participants to the Botanical Garden. At the end of the visit (at approximately 16.30), participants will be taken to the premises of the School of Economics and, then to the Anagnina metro station, where buses to the Ciampino airport and metro to the Termini station are available.

Participation is free of charge, but registration to this specific event is mandatory. Please note that seat at the dedicated buses are limited, so that early booking for the social event is strongly advised.

The Botanical Gardens of the University of Rome "Tor Vergata" (TVBG) have been created in 2005 within the area of the university on a surface of approximately 82 hectares, which makes it the biggest University Botanical Garden in Europe. It represents a new concept among botanical gardens, targeting several aims at the same time: education, research, innovation and support to industrial development. For that, TVBG has pursued four vocations, acting as a cultural, educational, social and scientific institution at once.

It is managed by a team of botanists together with professors and researchers from the Department of Biology belonging to the University of Rome “Tor Vergata”.

TVBG serves as a platform for taxonomy, morphology, plant physiology, genetics, ecology and biotechnology projects. Current research fields there include reduction of carbon footprint, chemical composition and biological activities based on herbal extracts, experimental nursery of native species and medicinal herbs, DNA bar-coding, germplasm conservation of native species from the Lazio Region thanks to technologically advanced techniques such as micropropagation and cryopreservation.
Within the TVBG it’s already present a germplasm conservation center for the conservation of wild native species and food and medicinal herbs. In addition, the Botanical Garden, following his main vocation, features several collections of plants. The Arboretum, as well as being a living collection of plants, trees and shrubs, also aims to be an expression and conservation of biodiversity of the Lazio region, and Colli Albani in particular. Its area currently extends over 5 hectares, and its implementation has enabled the planting of a total of 750 plants: 400 species representing deciduous forest mixed mesophilic and 350 which expression of the forest transition to oak, Quercus-Tilia than-Acer and Lecceta. There are also many collections of trees: The largest collection of oaks in Italy and the newly formed collection of pine trees. In addition, interesting collections of carnivorous plants and succulents are growing in the greenhouses of the Botanical Garden.
Participants will also have the chance to visit the EAERE CO2 garden, an area devoted to the planting of the trees funded by the CO2 offset donations from participants to the Annual Conference of the European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists Conference, bosted by University of Rome Tor Vergata in 2011.

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