13 Jan 2021 - IAERE Supported Event: Winter Series “Economic Modelling Seminars”.

Fourth date with R. Tol on 21st January (h 4 PM).

9 Dec 2020 - IAERE Supported Event: Winter Series “Economic Modelling Seminars”.

Third date with G. Zwart on 14th December (h 2.30 PM).

1 Dec 2020 - IAERE Supported Event: Winter Series “Economic Modelling Seminars”.

Second date with G. Heal on 11st December (h 4 PM).

28 Nov 2020 - IAERE Supported event: The sustanability transition in Europe. Modelling the tranisition. November, 30, h 9:30 - 10:30.

20 Nov 2020 - IAERE 2021 Conference: The call for papers of the Ninth IAERE Annual Conference (21-23 April 2021, online) is now officially open!

18 Nov 2020 - IAERE Supported Event: Winter Series “Economic Modelling Seminars”.

First date with R.S. Pindyck on 1st December 1 (h 4 PM).

27 Oct 2020 - IAERE Supported Event: The sustainability transition in Europe. A Focus on Innovation and Green Jobs. November 5, 2020 (14:30-15:30).
16 Oct 2020 - IAERE invites its members to send nominations for the 2021 Elections for President and Council Members. Nominations should be sent to the IAERE Secretariat at iaere@iaere.org by the 30th of November 2020. More info here.
25 Sept 2020 - In occasione del Festival dello Sviluppo Sostenibile 2020, venerdì 25 Settembre, dalle ore 9:00 alle 11:00, IAERE ha presentato la tavola rotonda "Riforma fiscale ambientale: opportunità o vincolo per la ripartenza?" , disponibile su YouTube.

07 July 2020 - Il Consiglio Direttivo IAERE invita i soci ad avanzare la loro candidatura al gruppo di lavoro per la classificazione delle riviste di Area 13 (Scienze economiche e statistiche).
29 June 2020 - The photo gallery of the Eighth IAERE Annual Conference, held on the 6-7 February 2020, in Brescia (Italy) is now available on IAERE website.
22 May 2020 - IAERE Council published the English version of the statement "COVID-19, the Economy and the Environment: For a green and sustainable recovery".
12 May 2020 - IAERE and its members are raising funds to assign to Banco Alimentare, which has been active for several weeks already, recovering and distributing food to more than 7,500 charity organizations, so as to provide a meal to those who, now more than ever, need our help.
03 May 2020 - Il Consiglio Direttivo IAERE ha pubblicato la dichiarazione "Covid-19, Economia e Ambiente: Per una ripresa verde e sostenibile".
03 May 2020 - Contributions on COVID-19, the Economy and the Environment to be included in the IAERE website. IAERE Members are invited to signal individual contributions to be highlighted. Contributions shall be sent to the address iaere@iaere.org.
01 March 2020 - As announced during the General Assembly of Members held in Brescia, from the 1st of March our Association has a new Secretary General: Ilenia Gaia Romani. As Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei agrees to host the Secretariat, the new legal address is Corso Magenta 63 in Milan.
Extended deadline for paper/long abstract submission to IAERE2020! New deadline: 30 Nov 2019 More...
7 Oct 2019 - IAERE special session at the 60th Annual Conference of the Italian Economists Society and Simone Borghesi invited speaker at the final plenary session More...
4 Oct 2019 - The call for paper of the 8th IAERE Annual Conference" is now open. The Conference will be held in Brescia on 6-7 February 2020. Deadline for paper submissions November 18th.
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IAERE's aims are:

  • to contribute to the development and application of environmental and resource economics as a science in Italy
  • to encourage and improve communication between teachers, researchers and students in environmental and resource economics
  • to develop and encourage the cooperation between university level teaching institutions and research institutions in Italy
  • to make available to institutions research results and encourage their application
  • to develop and encourage cooperation among companies, trade unions and environmental NGOs

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